forever wondering why this was never in either of the MV’s

forever wondering why this was never in either of the MV’s

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That Ship Though

So has anyone written fics about Tomin (Tony/Jimin) yet? ‘Cause that be the shit right there hahah no but seriously. I need fics…..send me links please!

Anonymous said: Hello:) I'm curious if you know "Ouran high school host club"? If you do, so can you write who will be who in this anime? :) XD sorry for my english, but I'm not fluent;;




I am a huge Ouran fangirl! >w< I’ve seen the anime, read some of the manga and watched the live action version! So yeah I guess you can say I know it xp

Anyways, this is a great idea! Let’s go!

Jin = Kyoya
Why? Because he’s the mommy of course~ He’s also more in the background a lot of the time, not because he’s not just as talented as the rest but rather he chooses to be. I can totally see him as a devious mastermind, can’t you?


V = Honey
No one who knows Ouran can tell me they don’t see this. I mean, he’s perfect! Super adorable, goes between being super hyper and dead serious, loves playing around, does whatever he wants to no matter how childish it might be… the two even look alike. Oh my gods, I think V might be Honey’s real life incarnation! <3


J-Hope = Tamaki
Overly hyperactive, plays around with the others a lot, acts super silly, sometimes pouts a bit but always quick to bounce back, actually crazy talented? I think we can all agree Hope is the best choice for the beloved Tamaki Suou <3


Jungkook = Haruhi
Because he’s the one who watches the others be crazy and rolls his eyes at their antics only to get sucked in and being a dork with them~


Suga = Karou and Jimin = Hikaru
Two best friends who are all smug and idiotic at the same time and do way too much fanservice (together and apart) and highly enjoy the reactions they get? Sounds like Sugar and Jiminnie to me! Jimin’s Hikaru because, as Haruhi once said, he’s just a tiny bit meaner than Suga ;)

Rap Monster = Mori
Namjoon fit Mori better back when they debuted really, in my opinion. But I work with what I got xp Kind of quiet and cool but then goes and does super silly things every once in a while, seems cold at first but is really caring and nice once you get to know him. That’s why our very own Rapmon is chosen for the role of Mori-senpai~

Wowsers, that was harder to pick than I thought! I hope you all enjoyed this, I had a ton of fun (as can be seen by the pictures I actually bothered to make for this). I almost wish they’d make a korean live action of Ouran with the boys in these roles now xD

-Admin T

Anonymous said: Who would be most likely to sing/rap "Body Language" By San E to turn you on?


OBVIOUSLY Jimin. I mean have you seen him!?

- Admin B

EXO finding out they murdered someone in their sleep.


Suho: B-but I’m a good boy.

Kai: Oh my god… that’s not blood on my hands…it’s ketchup….right? Shit.

Chanyeol: I’m going to hell.

Tao: Geez Idk why everyone is freaking out….. it’s just murder.

Luhan: Guys question. If you accidentally kill someone, you don’t have to go to…


Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 


Imagine your OTP going into Build-A-Bear and making bears that look like each other.

Anonymous said: So I've been trying to get into k-pop recently, but it's been really hard. The thing that's really bugging me is their songs. Why dont they sing in english?

K-Pop literally means Korean pop so sorry to disappoint but you won’t find an official English song. Unless you look up U-Kiss’s English song. But I don’t know what the song is called, sorry. I’m not really into U-Kiss. If you want me to recommend some stuff, just let me know what kind of music you like! I’d love to help a new born k-popper

Anonymous said: who is your fav asian man??

Do you realize what you have asked me?! Haha this is like asking…..I don’t know but it’s a hard question! I guess my favorite would have to be Suga (Min Yoongi) from BTS :D He’s such a sweetheart and he is my sweetest BAE


First and Last Moments

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entrance | do not edit.

entrance | do not edit.

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